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Our team

Our engineering team cares about building the best recruitment platform in the world. The team is responsible for giving Jobandtalent’s service to millions of people, processing millions of job openings, and generating millions of job suggestions. Your code is more than meaningful, it changes lives.


Our culture


We strive to create a work environment based on trust, transparency, team collaboration, and continuous improvement across the board.

We are inspired to create, to build and to solve problems. We give 100% to provide the best tools and environment to ensure our goals are fulfilled.

Our teams are small, multidisciplinary, and product focused. We take a very lean approach and plan quarterly roadmaps that we keep track of using kanban. We keep bureaucracy out of the equation and always choose metrics-backed decisions.

How we work?

Small teams

Engineering at Jobandtalent is divided into small teams that work independently, focused on a feature set: mobile, candidates, companies, algorithms and architecture are some of those teams. They’re multidisciplinary and manage the life-cycle of any idea from inception to deployment.

Continuous deployment

At Jobandtalent, any engineer can deploy any of our microservices automatically from day one. Our bot, “Manuel”, deploys tens of times per day.

A+ Code

We are focused on code excellency and reduction of technical debt. We enforce strong code style and architectural conventions through pull requests and code review using tools like GitHub.

Micro Services

To support Jobandtalent’s growth and scale, our architecture is based on microservices. Each microservice evolves independently and communicates with others through REST APIs and an asynchronous message bus.