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Our Vision

We aim to tear down all the barriers to job search and hiring

Job searching sucks. We are changing the industry standard by matching people with relevant jobs automatically so they will never miss a great job opportunity again.



Our culture is defined by the great people who work here.

Take ownership

From start to finish, we take pride in what we what we do. We marry responsibility with the flexibility to create.

Move fast!

“Move fast and break things.” We live by this motto because we’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities.

Stay flat

We're a flat organization. We encourage a open and curious culture, where our engineers, designers, marketers and sales force are on equal footing to share ideas and make better products.

Data driven

We love metrics. Metrics are a critical part of our product and our company. We strongly believe that all decisions should be backed up by data.


We care about growing with great people

Life at Jobandtalent

Work hard play hard!


We’ve put a lot of energy into creating an office environment that sparks creativity and promotes social interactions. There are plenty of spaces where you can take a break from work to refresh your mind. Jam in our DJ spot, spend an afternoon in our sofa area, or battle your teammates in a nerf© guns war.

Pizza!!!!!!! Finish your week at Jobandtalent’s Friday Pizza, where our team comes together to talk about progress and future plans.

Expand your know-how with frequent guest speakers at our Gin & Talent events, which feature technology and business leaders from top companies in the area.

What brings out your competitive nature more than sports? We have male and female soccer teams, and organize weekly tennis and paddle games. In addition, more than ten local gyms offer discounts for Jobandtalent employees..

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